Next Social Media Giant?

~~the company that Pays People for what they do on social Media!

We are coming out with a new social media platform before August that will make an impact in social media.

The company has laid out a 5 year plan that when you see it will keep you up at night so excited you can't sleep like it did 3 of my team members who were invited to the company last week to see it. But it involved signing a legally binding non discloser agreement so I can Not share everything with you right now but you will see it unfolded to you in the next few weeks. But below is the information I can share with you.

~~1.To hear a conference call, where two of my team members share some exciting information, call 760-569-7699, access code 531230#.

2. For additional info, you can check our informational site at If you like what you hear and see, and would like to begin sharing in the profits of the social media platform.

3. When you are ready to get started simply click on Join Now and then on that site click "Become A Partner" at the top.

~~Even though most people probably already heard more information than they needed for a 10 dollar investment, I do have more information if you want it. You can call me anytime. I also can let you speak to the corporate people and other top leaders on my team.

~~I live a few miles from the company headquarters located just N.E. of Atlanta Ga. so if you or anyone you invite ever makes a trip to the company head quarters, I can be there to greet them.

~~Wishing you the best,

    George Lawrence Clark

     770-831-8728 ~~Call me anytime night or day, or weekends

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