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~~Ralph Nadar is saying now is the time for social media sites to pay those that use their sites some of the money they are making. Click here to listen to Ralph Nadar on national TV news.

~~I have invested a lot of my money and time in startup companies. One was social media company that was just sold. I know firsthand the social media industry is a feast or famine industry. You might not have thousands of dollars to invest or even like the idea of taking a risk in investing a lot of money. In what we are offering you, the only risk you have is 10 dollars. Where can you invest 10 dollars that has the potential this company does? I readily admit that I don't know for sure that this company will for sure become the next social media giant. But ask yourself, what if it does ? How would you feel, if you missed it because you let your skepticism or procrastination habit stop you from investing $10 right now to sign up?

~~I don't mind investing my money but I don't like asking people to invest their money.  If you are like me, you don't have to worry about telling your friends about this, because they can join now, and if in the next 30 days when they see what they are rolling out, and they don't think it was worth $10 dollars they can get their money back. The company leaders assure me that before the next 30 days you will get to see some amazing things.  Knowing what I know today,  I wouldn't want to the be person that had my friends ask me when I did I first hear about this, if I had not told them immediately. 

~~The company is in it's 2nd year of business, and has been paying Brand Partners (distributors) correctly and on time in over 30 countries. Thus you don’t have to worry as much about problems new start ups have. They are confident that they have done their preliminary work to make sure they have the structure in place to handle quick growth when this new social media plat form is rolled out in the next few weeks. They have increased their ability to do business in ever country, except those that the US has an embargo against.

~~Even though most people probably already heard more information than they needed for a 10 dollar investment, I do have more information if you want it.  You can call me anytime. I also can let you speak to the corporate people and other top leaders on my team.

~~I live a few miles from the company headquarters located just N.E. of Atlanta Ga. so if you or anyone you invite ever makes a trip to the company head quarters, I can be there to greet them.

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